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M/s Publishing Clinic – Terms & Conditions

1. Terms & Conditions of Use

1.1. These terms and conditions refer to the use of www.publishingclinic.in website and associated websites owned and operated by M/s Publishing Clinic and courses and service purchased or subscribed through the website/s or other means and all events and programmes offered by the company.

1.2. Definitions:

1.2.1. These terms and conditions govern any agreement or contract between M/s Publishing Clinic (referred to as we, us, our/s or Publishing Clinic) with the registered office at 31 Gandhi Road, Salem, Pin 636007, Tamil Nadu, India and trading address at the above address and the customer (referred to as customer, you, your/s).

1.2.2. Customer (referred to as customer, you, your/s) refers to anyone entering into a contract or agreement with us by using our resources or registering with us or purchasing or subscribing to our course/s or services.

1.2.3. Website refers to www.publishingclinic.in or associated websites owned by us.

1.2.4. Course/s refers to any online, offline or blended courses offered by us.

1.2.5. Course material refers to any supporting material provided with your course purchase in online, printed or other media.

1.2.6. Service/s refers to any service including course/s provided by us through our website or other means.

1.2.7. Contract refers to the legal contract or agreement between us and the customer.

1.2.8. Forum refers to the discussion forum on the website.

1.2.9. Webinar and webcast refers to the online seminars and presentations provided as free resources with course purchase, for a fee or subscriptions that may need to be paid for.

1.2.10. Third party refers to any person or organisation that are legally separate and unconnected with Publishing Clinic.

1.3. By using our websites, courses or other resources or events and accepting these terms and conditions you agree to comply with the policies described in these terms and associated sections.

1.4. We reserve the right to amend or alter these terms from time to time. Please revisit this section from time to time to update yourself regarding any changes to these terms. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the terms of use but we will inform you of any major changes to the terms provided you have permitted us to contact you and provided the necessary contact information and have kept your contact information up to date.

1.5. These terms and conditions remain in force during your contract or agreement with us and will continue to be in force even after completion of your course with us if you choose to maintain your account with us to access resources such as the discussion forum etc. The contract will be terminated if or when you close your account with us and stop accessing our resources or services.

1.6. We may terminate your access and contract or agreement, as legally permissible, if you are in breach of or contravene any of our terms and conditions or policies. You may terminate this contract or agreement as per our cancellation policy.

1.7. We reserve the right to amend or modify these terms without notice at any time.

1.8. These terms and other policies do not affect your statutory rights.

1.9. Terms & Conditions for use of Website

1.9.1. The terms below pertain to the use of our website/s and resources or services provided or accessed through the website/s and includes both the public and secure sections.

1.9.2. When you access the website and associated resources you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions and policies.

1.9.3. Most areas of the website that provide general information, course related information, purchasing options, useful resources are accessible to the public without registering or providing any personal information.

1.9.4. Access to courses will be available only to those who have purchased a course and have fully paid for the courses and we have received the payment in full or those who have an ongoing subscription to a course or courses where such an option is offered.

1.9.5. The discussion forum is only accessible for those customers who have a valid login to our website.

1.9.6. We may provide access for evaluation or testing purposed to selected customers without charging a fee.

1.9.7. We endeavour to provide a high-quality service and uninterrupted access to our website apart from routine scheduled maintenance. There may be unforeseen circumstances or forces beyond our control that may affect your access to the website or member's area. We will not be responsible for such disruptions.

1.9.8. You will need an active internet connection and the computer or device should be connected to the internet to access and view the course, forum and webinars. The internet speed and bandwidth available to you may have an effect on the course viewing experience.

1.9.9. Your access to the website may depend upon internet speed in your area and connectivity issues outside out control. It is your responsibility to check that you will be able to access the website or courses adequately before registering or purchasing courses or services from us.

1.9.10. While we check the website for errors and maintain it virus free, it is not possible to ensure that it is defect free. We do not accept responsibility for any defect or malfunction caused to your computer system or network due to the viewing, use or download of any resources from our website/s.

1.9.11. All logos and material on this website including text, design and any code are copyright and intellectual property of M/s Publishing Clinic except where stated. You may view and print information for personal use only provided you do not modify, alter, re-use or republish such information for any purpose and do not share these with third parties unless you have prior consent from ourselves.

1.9.12. We may use information provided by you or posted on our forums on our website or other material except where such information is covered by the protection of personal information as stated in our Privacy policy.

1.9.13. It is your responsibility to ensure you maintain up to date contact information to help us get in touch with you about updates or other important service related information. We cannot accept responsibility for any disruption in accessing courses or other services due to our inability to contact you where your contact information is not up to date.

1.9.14. Webinars, webcasts, downloadable resources and the discussion forum are provided as free resources to support your learning with us. You may access these resources even after completion of the course provided you maintain your account with us and permit us to get in touch with you about service updates and events.

1.9.15. The discussion forum is provided as a platform for discussion with peers, other students and tutors for furthering your learning experience and enrichment. You may post only material that is directly related to the learning programmes, courses and events offered by us.

1.9.16. The discussion forum is not meant for general discussions, debates or politically motivated discussions.

1.9.17. You may not post any material that can be considered inflammatory, derogatory, political, partisan, obscene or otherwise objectionable or use offensive language.

1.9.18. The forum will be constantly monitored and moderators will delete or remove any material that is in breach of these terms and we will reserve the right to block access to the website, resources and courses where appropriate. You will not be eligible to claim any cancellation or refund in these circumstances.

1.9.19. We currently support payment using a variety of methods including Credit and Debit cards, Net Banking and Payment Wallets through reputable third party payment gateways. It is your responsibility to check their terms and conditions before proceeding with your payment. We do not accept cash, cheques or other forms of payment.

1.9.20. All our shopping and other secure areas of the website are protected using an SSL certificate.

1.9.21. All payment and card information that you enter are on the payment providers website and system and we do not store or process any card details to ensure the transaction is safe and your information is secure.

1.9.22. All prices mentioned are exclusive of taxes, VAT (Value Added Tax) or other duties, where applicable. All taxes, where applicable, are added during the checkout process and the total displayed before you enter your payment information.

1.9.23. It is your responsibility to safeguard your user name and password and update your password regularly. We cannot accept responsibility if you share or divulge secure information to others. We may terminate your access to the website or courses if we find that you have shared the login information with others.

1.9.24. All views expressed on the website, forum, courses, webinars or other material and events are those of the authors, presenter, tutors or individuals. We cannot accept responsibility for any comments except where it is acknowledged.

1.9.25. If you would like to close your user account, please contact us by emailing customerservices@publishingclinic.in or by using the contact form on the website. Please note that once an account is closed, you can register again only when you next purchase a course from us.

1.9.26. If you would like to bring any errors, mistakes or omissions on the website to us or are unable to access your course or the website please send us an email to webmaster @publishingclinic.in or use the contact form on the website.

1.9.27. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service provided to you and would like to make a complaint, please email us at customerservices@publishingclinic.in or use the contact form on the website.

1.9.28. Where you have contacted us and requested a response, we will endeavour to do so within 24 hours apart from weekends where response times may be longer. If your request is urgent, we may contact you over the phone sooner provided you have given us your up to date contact information. We will inform you if we foresee any delay in responding to your query or solving any issues.

1.9.29. Our contact details are: M/s Publishing Clinic, 31 Gandhi Road, Salem, Pin 636007, Tamil Nadu, India. Telephone: +91 9500 242689. Email: customerservices@publishingclinic.in. Our registered office address and company information are provided at the beginning of this document.

1.10. Terms & Conditions for Purchase and Use of e-Learning Courses

1.10.1. You are provided a time limited non transferrable single user licence to view the course through supported devices. You are allowed to download, store and print any supporting resources provided with the course for personal use only.

1.10.2. We may offer institutional or bulk licences on a per seat or fixed fee basis that is time limited or on an ongoing subscription basis with either limited or unlimited licences. Terms and conditions will vary for such options and will be made available on an individual basis.

1.10.3. Method of Course delivery: This is an online course with accompanying course material for each module that you can download and retain for future reference. Once you have purchased the course, you will be emailed your login information for the member's area. Once you have logged into the member's area, you will find a link to the course/s you have purchased along with the date until which you can access the course. Please click the link to view the course. We will send you detailed information by email about using the website and accessing courses along with your login details.

1.10.4. You may not share any downloaded resources or modify, publish, re-publish or reuse such resources for material gain or otherwise.

1.10.5. All courses, material, content, design, audio, video or other images or media remain the intellectual property and copyright of M/s Publishing Clinic unless otherwise stated or acknowledged.

1.10.6. You may not share or allow access to your members area or the courses or allow others to view or download the courses you have purchased.

1.10.7. Your purchase of the course only allows you to view the course online. Any offline viewing should be restricted to material that is designated or provided for such purposes.

1.10.8. You may not save or attempt to save or store the courses or any content within courses including audio, video or other media in any form on your computer, device, network or other website without our consent.

1.10.9. Any attempt to breach these terms may result in access to the course/s being blocked. In such circumstances you may not be eligible for a refund of the course fee.

1.10.10. The time period for accessing any course will be clearly mentioned on the course information pages on our website and before you complete your purchase and payment. This access would start from the date when you first click the link to access the course.

1.10.11. We cannot accept responsibility for any delay in your accessing the course due to factors beyond our control or where the defect lies at your end.

1.10.12. We may at our discretion extend access to courses in specific circumstances on a case by case basis and where the difficult in access has been a result of a fault at our end or in our systems or website.

1.10.13. We may offer free trials and evaluations of courses before launch or following updates to obtain customer opinion and feedback. If you are offered such a trial please note that this is for the use of the named person only and access should not be shared or transferred to anyone else. These trials may be for a limited period of time only. Any additional terms and conditions will be specified when the invitation is sent out.

1.10.14. It is your responsibility to view the demo and check the system requirements and confirm the suitability of your system, device, network or connectivity for viewing our courses. If you have any doubts, please contact us through the website contact form or by emailing us at customerservices@publishingclinic.in detailing the issue prior to purchasing the course. We cannot accept responsibility or provide a cancellation or refund (except in line with our cancellation and refund policy) where you have purchased a course without confirming whether your systems meet the requirements for viewing the course.

1.10.15. Our courses are meant to support your learning and be an aid in your pursuit of your career goals. The courses, assessments or completion of our courses (except where certification or accreditation is clearly stated and/or accompanied by independently verified assessments) are not an endorsement of a person's ability to perform or complete a specific task and do not confer any specific skill.

1.10.16. We do not provide any accreditation on completion of any course unless where this is stated.

1.10.17. Assessments included in the course or on the website are meant to be a form of self-assessment of progress and understanding of the course content and should not be taken as an achievement of a particular standard or grade except where this is clearly stated.

1.10.18. Certificates are provided at the completion of a course and are meant to be proof of a person having completed all the modules included in the course. It should not be taken as an achievement of a particular grade or standard and does not reflect the extent to which a person has understood the content provided.

1.10.19. Unless clearly stated, our courses do not lead to the achievement of any qualification.

1.10.20. We may offer courses from other companies, organisations, providers or individuals through our website. If you purchase any courses offered by our partners, you will be bound by their terms and conditions in addition to our terms and conditions.

1.11. Additional terms specific to classroom courses and blended learning programmes:

1.11.1. Registration for classroom courses or the onsite element of blended programmes will be available online through our website or depending on the course location, may be organised locally. The details will be announced on the website or on the programme leaflet.

1.11.2. Blended programmes will include an online element and access to the online part of the course will be provided ahead of the classroom course unless specified. The exact date of online access will be specified during or after registration for the programme.

1.11.3. Cost of classroom courses and blended programmes will be announced on the event registration page or registration leaflet.

1.11.4. Payment for classroom courses and blended programmes should be made at the time of registration.

1.11.5. Payment should be made online unless specified where online event registration is available. Where online registration is not available, the payment options will be specified in the registration form. We only accept payments in Indian Rupees (INR) and payments can be made by demand drafts or by Bank Transfer in INR where online payment is not available and details will be provided during enrolment in such circumstances. We do not accept payment by cheques. Cash payments options may be available, where permitted by law, for on site courses during spot registration only. We do not accept cash payments for advance, online or postal registrations.

1.11.6. Cancellation and refund rules will be specified in the event page or registration form and will depend on the location of the class room course. Refunds may be affected by local exchange regulations and these will be specified before registration.

1.11.7. Speakers for classroom courses may be changed and programmes may be altered due to change in availability of speakers outside our control.

1.11.8. If the course needs to be cancelled or dates changed due to circumstances outside our control, we will offer an alternate venue or date for the course or you may request a refund of the course fees paid.

1.12. Waiver of remedies

1.12.1. No forbearance, delay or indulgence by either party in enforcing the provisions of the contract shall prejudice or restrict the rights of that party nor shall any waiver of its rights operate as a waiver of any subsequent breach and no right, power or remedy herein conferred upon or reserved for either party is exclusive of any other right, power or remedy available to that party and each such right, power or remedy shall be cumulative.

1.13. Severability

1.13.1. If the whole or any part of any term or provision of the contract is held unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law, that term or provision or part of it shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this contract but the enforceability of the remainder of the contract shall not be affected.

1.14. Entire agreement

1.14.1. These terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the matters dealt with in the contract and supersedes any previous agreement between the parties in relation to such matters.

1.15. Third parties

1.15.1. The parties confirm their intent not to confer any rights on any third parties by virtue of the contract and therefore any laws pertaining to third parties will not apply to this contract.

1.16. Law

1.16.1. The contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in India.

1.16.2. Any dispute which may arise between the parties concerning the contract shall be determined by the Tamil Nadu Courts and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tamil Nadu Courts for such purpose.

2. Cancellation and Refund Policy

2.1. The terms detailed in this section relate to our policy on cancellation of any courses purchased through the websites detailed in the Terms & Conditions of Use and the refund of any payments made to us.

2.2. You may request a cancellation of a purchase by contacting us through email or through the contact form on the website detailing the reason for cancellation.

2.3. You may cancel the purchase of a course within 7 days if you have not started using the course. Your right to cancellation and refund ends as soon as you start viewing a course including clicking on the link to the course from your account section and/or opening the course in a compatible device even if this is within 7 days of purchase.

2.4. By accepting the Terms & Conditions of purchase before completing your purchase, you confirm that you have read the Minimum System Requirements specified for viewing the courses and that you have viewed the demo and verified that you are able to view the demo satisfactorily. We do not offer a cancellation or refund after 7 days if you are unable to view a course in a compatible device.

2.5. The above does not affect your statutory rights.

Section last updated: Monday, 19 March 2018.

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