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M/s Publishing Clinic – Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Information

1. Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Information

1.1. This policy explains how M/s Publishing Clinic (referred to as Publishing Clinic or we or us) collects and uses personal information about you (referred to as the user or you or your) when you use or website or courses.

1.2. This policy covers the use of the Publishing Clinic or associated websites and any of the courses or material offered through these websites. In using the website/s or courses you agree to this policy and the use of personal information as described below.

1.3. You may decline permission to use this information but you must be aware that this may affect your access to the courses or website as intended.

1.4. It is your responsibility to visit this page at regular intervals to view any updates.

1.5. We collect personal information about you when you register and purchase a course, view a course through our website or when you register for events such as webinars. We may collect personal information as part of end of course feedback.

1.6. The information we collect includes:

1.6.1. Your name (Forename and Surname)

1.6.2. Your full postal address including Postcode

1.6.3. Your email address

1.6.4. Contact telephone number

1.6.5. Your current occupation, designation and related information

1.7. We collect this information for the following purposes:

1.7.1. To provide an uninterrupted service

1.7.2. General administrative tasks including invoicing, billing, payment processing

1.7.3. Inform you of updates to the websites or courses you have purchased

1.7.4. To send you service related information such as updates and maintenance

1.7.5. To send marketing information about new courses that may be of interest to you if you have given us permission.

1.7.6. To respond to your queries

1.7.7. Obtain feedback about courses you have completed

1.7.8. To display your testimonials on our website or associated material including printed material if you have permitted us to do so

1.7.9. To provide you with any course related material or resources

1.7.10. To provide access to webinars and other course related events

1.7.11. To provide access to the discussion forum

1.8. We will not share your information with third parties unless you have registered for any sponsored programme in which case we may share your information with the sponsor. We will inform you clearly about the information we would share and obtain your permission before you register for such a programme or course.

1.9. We take privacy seriously and have policies in place to ensure that your information is stored safely and securely. All our data are stored in servers located within the United Kingdom or India.

1.10. You may choose to access links to third party websites or resources which may collect personal or sensitive information. Please ensure that you read the policies of the respective providers as we have no control over and cannot be held responsible for information collected or provided to third parties.

1.11. Registration for webinars may be on sites located outside India. In these cases, please read and accept the privacy policy of the provider. Please note that we do not have control or own the information collected by the provider. We may be passed on the information collected while registering for webinars but this information would be similar to that listed in 6.8.

1.12. We are not responsible for any personal or sensitive information you provide as part of contributing to or participating in the discussion forum.

1.13. It is your responsibility to keep any login or password information secure and not share it with anyone. We also request you to change your password at frequent intervals.

1.14. We may share your personal information if require by the law as permitted or for legal purposes if you are in breach of any terms and conditions of use of our website, courses or resources.

1.15. You may request the details of the information we hold about you by emailing us at or writing to us at M/s Publishing Clinic, 31 Gandhi Road, Salem, Pin 636007, Tamil Nadu, India. We may charge an administrative fee for this service not exceeding any legal limits existing at this time.

1.16. We use Google Analytics, which is a service provided by Google, to track the browsing and usage patterns of visitors to our website. There is no personal information collected by this activity. Google Analytics uses a first-party cookie to record this information. We use this service to optimise our services and browser and provide a better and relevant service to our users. If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics, please visit

Section last updated: Monday, 19 March 2018.

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