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Publish your paper successfully

This is an intensive online programme that guides you to plan, write, submit and publish your paper successfully.

Publishing peer reviewed papers is increasingly important for career progression and is seen as a key outcome of medical training and research. In a competitive job scene, publications distinguish you as a "special candidate". For established doctors, publications help to enhance your reputation amongst peers.

Why Publishing Clinic?

While there are numerous training courses for a diverse range of topics including Research methodologies, few courses specifically target the subject of publication. Classroom based courses have limited long term impact and free online slide presentations are not comprehensive. Few actually help mentor the course participant to achieve the outcome - publishing their paper.

At Publishing Clinic, our goal is to dispel the myths around publishing and enable you to succeed.

How we help you succeed:

Step by step guide

10 in-depth modules (see Course details section) will guide you through the publishing process right from choosing your key message through to writing your paper, planning your publication strategy and journal submission. We tell you what the editors look for!



Modules have solved examples of key concepts, common errors and mistakes to help you grasp concepts effectively as well as avoid common mistakes and reduce the chance of your paper being rejected.


Modules include quizzes with feedback to help you track your progress throughout the programme.





Continued support

Regular webcasts and an online discussion forum to discuss topics and share ideas with other students or faculty support your learning with us. There are dedicated threads in the forum to guide your course work.


Key benefits of the programme:

3 months access to the course from the time of purchase.
All modules include downloadable course material for future reference.
Course delivered through web browser and does not require separate software installations (see System Requirements)
Course is optimised for mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets with Internet connectivity.
Invitation to regular Publishing Clinic Webinars & Webcasts.
Experienced faculty.
Access to discussion forum even after completing your course.


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